Monday, January 30, 2017

we woke the kiddos up to a winter wonderland a couple of weeks ago and it also happened to be gray's first time to play in the snow ever! we had gotten a little bit of snow a couple of years ago but he was still so little (and sick that day) that we decided to keep him warm indoors. the twenty minutes it took to get these two bundled up was totally worth the excitement and pure joy they felt and the pure joy i felt too as i watched the kiddos play with justin and snapped a few photos. gray absolutely loved the snow until his pants and gloves became wet from the mini snowball fight him and emery had against their daddy. i think gray's face says it all in these pictures! emery just wanted to stay outside forever and as soon as we went inside to warm up, all she wanted to do was go back outside. i think all the running and playing she did wore her out because she curled up in mommy and daddy's bed while waiting for hot cocoa and fell asleep. i've always loved the snow, but playing in the snow with my little family... well, that's the icing on the cake. hands down. 


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