Thursday, July 21, 2016

1) cute soapery we found downtown and love. I bought the most divine smelling aluminum-free deodorant and coconut lip balm. no turning back! I gave justin the business card so he could refer back to it at christmas ;) 
2) emery posing as a bunny in a drive through at a local mexican restaurant. I'm THAT mom. we love tacos and photos. 
3) mimi and emery trying out snapchat and enjoying it.
4) grayson pre-haircut. he looks so much older now and it tugs at this momma's heart. 
5) grayson eating his mid-morning snack with "london the dog" at the "art area" where emery likes to show off her schoolwork for daddy.
6) exploring the hot springs downtown where grayson likes to trespass and venture off on his own with momma trailing (running) after.
7) celebrating sophie's second birthday at the park.
8) a snapshot taken on memorial day of a bathhouse rich in history and marble. 
9) just another frequent nursery visit
10) staying home and playing indoors on days it's way too hot to go anywhere. 

Our week has included muggy naps, schoolwork, reading alice in wonderland at bedtime until emery drifts off to sleep,  bedtime kisses through the crib slats, dance parties, as much watermelon as we can handle, watching emma the goat graze in our backyard, letting the kiddos stay up way too late, the smells of freshly laundered bed linens as they hang to dry, little pruned hands and feet from long bubble baths, movie nights, thrifting for treasures, scattering cut flowers from our beds around the house, "camping" in the teepee, racing diecast cars, and spaghetti dinners. The little things truly are the big things for us. I'm not usually a summer person, but I'd be okay with it staying awhile. :) I hope you all are having a lovely week! Happy Thursday! 


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