Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's pretty warm here in Arkansas despite it being mid-december! We typically have really cold winters. This weather reminds me of the Phineas and Ferb episode where they create winter in the middle of summer and call it S'Winter. Yeah that. I suppose I should just zip my lips and be thankful it's warmer than I anticipated considering the kids' winter essentials are neatly wrapped and hiding under the tree for Christmas.

While thinking about S'Winter, I was reminded of our trip to Dauphin Island this past summer with Justin's (our) family. It was Grayson's first time to visit the beach and he loved playing in the sand, chasing the seagulls and of course eating all the food. Honestly, the food on the island wasn't that great. It was okay but I wouldnt feel comfortable giving recommendations. There are a few little produce stands and a grocery store a few minutes inland, so I would recommend buying groceries and cooking at your beach house instead. I would definitely recommend taking the ferry from the island to Fort Morgan. We took the ferry twice and the first time we did it was earlier in the day and super hot. This didn't go over well with the little ones. We caught the last ride back to the island that evening and it was much more comfortable and enjoyable as it wasn't  so hot. We also saw dolphins! Well, I didn't but Justin did and that counts in my book! The Bellingrath Gardens and Home was beautiful! Definitely check it out if you're planning a trip to the Dauphin Island area.

While I long for colder days, these pictures remind me to just be thankful because It'll be super cold before too much longer and then I'll be complaining and wishing for warmer days... Isn't that how it usually goes?


Monday, November 2, 2015

These last few weeks have consisted of play dates,  crafting, flea marketing, mini road trips, ice cream dates, family events, anniversary celebrations, birthdays and Halloween. My heart is full and I'm looking forward to another adventurous week! The kids have eaten their fair share of candy this weekend and Emery enjoyed the pony rides at our town's annual Fall Fest while I'm currently craving more pumpkin pie sharing with my boy! 
 *More Halloween pictures to come*


Monday, October 5, 2015

Justin and I are in the market for a new home (more on that later) and it has me feeling pressed to document our current home in an attempt to honor it and remember our early years as a married couple and parents. We bought this house a little over two years ago when my husband was exploring a different business venue and the initial pay decrease that came along with it. This house really needed some TLC when we bought it and we (I) have enjoyed the ongoing process of fixing it up and making it ours. Today, I am sharing small vignettes of the playroom where Emery and Grayson spend much of their time baking cookies, reading, putting puzzles together, drawing (on the walls), and learning!!

bunny baskets
light box
play kitchen
kitchen accessories basket - tj maxx
modern chairs- hobby lobby- old
jute rug- tuesday morning


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's that time of year again where a simple magic can be felt in the turning of the wind, crispness of the air and coloring of the leaves in vibrant hues that welcomes a new season. Here at the Miramontes House we welcome new seasons and change those seasons bring with them. One thing I've learned during these three years of marriage, is absolutely nothing stays the same. Not for us. As we ventured to the fair this weekend, I could feel new beginnings forming all around: new traditions, new adventures, new hobbies, new plans and new life goals (including riding The Zipper with The Hubster at the fair next year. haha). The kids rode a few rides as I watched from afar taking it all in. I came to the realization that Emery and Gray are both growing into their own personalities. My little girl is no longer a baby, but an independent three year old unafraid of fair rides, getting a little powdered sugar on her new dress, or being that one child on the tea cup ride squealing in excitement. Gray, on the other hand, didn't care for the rides one bit as he clung to me timid and scared of the carousel. I am soaking up this phase of being needed and wanted by him because i know, all too well, it will end. Things change, my kids grow up,and seasons come and go. I am reminding myself to be mindful of life's alterations but to savor this time, this moment, and this season. nothing stays the same. not for us. 


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